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From the episode: Tale of the not-so-nice dragon
making: Thecamilanunez in Artoonix and Sony Vega pro 10

We´re Stuck in a Cave base (to BrightHeart and shadowStars)

HTFBackyardigans-Sweet Time

2011-04-09 19:22:51 by camilanunez

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Song: Sweets Time
Artist: VocalBGM

I do not own this song or any of the pictures. Credit goes to VocalBGM, I only made the video, the characters and the story.

Red= Real meaning
Black = Translation

This focusings on Dreams' killer instice and her
insanity. No, she does NOT kill everyone in the
story, this is just all in her mind of what can
happen when she goes insane. She's so scary that
even MISU, yes MISU, was terrifyed on her...and
Misu isnt scared of anything, in fact, she HATES
Dream with a burning passion. Dream has a spilt
personality and when the scientists noticed her
behaver, they cloned her to made her clone a little
nicer and less voilent but had the same destruck
tive power as Dream. The clone is not in the video
, some call the clone, Dream2 and o13.5 since she
is the second dream. Dream2 never really awakens

I hope you all enjoyed this video and I hope
you're all still alive after this video.
If you get nightmares don't blame me.
and Im sorry for the repeat of pictures. I
wanted to get this done.
... (more info)
(less info)

HTFBackyardigans-Sweet Time

New utau Yumi

2011-04-06 18:30:04 by camilanunez that new utau as kasane teto
name: Yumi inoue
Age: 16
Like: cats, baby
Deslike: Dog, Blood, pain
Item: wand, Staff
Voice: Catalina Nunez(Utau Fermale japanese)
Gender: Chimera(Fermale Cat and Hurman )
Special: Bakeneko
TV: Backyardigan, HTF 71yQ&feature=player_profilepage

New utau Yumi

sonic is singing of 3 spirits x-mas

2011-01-14 12:23:34 by camilanunez

/* */ d-sI<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src=" 2Rdd-sI" frameborder="0"></iframe> the night is the day terrible of link to transform the werewolf <:(
This was meant to be uploaded during Halloween... ...horrible stuff happened and now I'm uploading it near the new year! Oh well... Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it!

Oh si... la caratula del comic para navidad...
siento x el de veronica pero necesito escaner para hacerlo y no eh podido terminar el final
este sera mas facil porque hago los dibujos directo con la pluma asi que sera mas rapido y es una historia cortisima!!

inspirada en:
una navidad con mickey
los fantasmas de scrooge
Barbie en un cuento de navidad

amo ese cuento! es precioso!! y me da mucha inspiracion... y ya que el segundo especial de navidad de los backs no era asi.. pues lo hare yo!! a mi fanatismo!

tratare de finalisarlo el mero dia de navidad... repito.. tratare...
estara completamente en español con una transladacion en ingles, y usare un lenguaje no tan infantil!

credito a quien credito merece!!

Airam, Peter, Elliot, Amby By: ~oxoKawaiiBunnyoxo

Pablo, Uniqua, Tyrone, Austin, Tasha, Janicce Burguess (c)

Tamy and Art By: angell0o0

Sonic the clone(Singing of auto tune and eco): *jumbocracky

me faltaron 2 personajes pero son extras asi que no fue importante x3U sin ofender a Amby D:

Tiempo: 2 días
photoshop CS4

y super vocaloid el tiempo 3 dias 3-D Studio pro 9, miku miku dance and PMD Editor

sonic is singing of 3 spirits x-mas

/* */
Reprinted from video Nikoniko (discovered?). Kansai dialect P (R %u2606 R %u2606 R)'s fourth work. 7

Once in a while and think about I sing properly, but I will sing a song I love, U p is already found a great trainer that is, instead, so not all the damn neta Shoboi What song videos here We %u558BRa Tokimashita lazy.
It is rather the main talking. I talk with Rin-chan. The Kansai dialect.
Hey, even squid browser. Brother, Taichi's coming right clothes and goggles just because %u4F3C%u5408Wanakatta %u2606.
My squirrel %u2192 mylist/4324704
Wow! Impressed you so much for using voice %u2192 sm2073459
Place in the ranking of 66 here! %u203B, my list, thank you Play %u2192 sm22 13997

and Digimon Poster: Digimon 1/ Movie and Digimon 2/Movie 2

Kaito - Butterfly (Digimon Theme)

Kaito - Mega Ranger Theme

2010-03-15 10:38:42 by camilanunez

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Reprinted from Nikoniko video. Kansai dialect of P's 11 titles (posted April 17, 2008 23:42:49). 8

The Kansai dialect of us after a long time. I also filled talking. Gdgd is more than usual. Bakkari in trouble or try to stop the talking It's hard to sing another song Yappari. It will be will be talking more.
Su omairi %u2192 mylist/4324704

And Team 3 Girls Mega Ranger: Camila Mage Pink, ErazositaDJ Mega Yellow and Yumi Mega Black

Kaito - Mega Ranger Theme

the Manga of Vocaloid and Utau - Kasane Teto

2010-02-24 18:21:23 by camilanunez

Una hermosa cancion de Miku
"La utima cancion de la sirena mar de lagrimas"

/* */
Y Estoy Hablando Porque me Dibuje La Manga de la Teto by Timple Baka?

No olvide Nueva curo4192

the Manga of Vocaloid and Utau - Kasane Teto Got Talent Introduction

2010-02-21 15:49:51 by camilanunez

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Sonic Parody X Character New: Camila

Show Video: Camila briefs collar

My friend Karen and I will be hosting a contest called Maplestory's got talent. It will be much like the show America's
got talent, or Britan's got talent.

Sonic Shorts Volume 6 will be split into 2 smaller volumes to save on memory, instead of 20 shorts in one volume you will get 15 shorts in 2 volumes, that means more shorts for you all. I'm all done my shorts, just waiting for the other animators to finish their shorts. No release date for any of the movies.

In the meantime you can watch unused/unfinished shorts at the Sonic Paradoxwebsite under the "extra" section.

Requirements & Rules to join: 1. Submit a Flash of newgrounds doing something that your good at. This
can be Comedy. Heres an example of each of those talents. If your talent is Comedy, please write
what song you are Parody and who the Collar artist is. You may do ANYTHING to alter the sound of your voice or you
will be disquialified. You may have Adventure in the your talent.

-No sprites
-Shorts must be decent quality
-Decent quality audio(if you need voice actors please ask)
-No nudity
-Shorts can be up to a 1 minute long or as short as you want.
-These are joke shorts, not serious shorts
-Stay away from "Sonic runs and gets hit by something" jokes, we get too many of those.
-Size is 550 x 400
-Framerate is 30 FPS
-No unofficial characters
-Default color background-white
-ActionScript- 2.0
-Have fun!

When your done send your .fla to

be drawn by a program or be drawn by hand. 2. Everything must be related to Post it as a video response
under this video.

When your done send your .fla to

We will be using this forum to chat: Sonic Paradox

-----Here is how I draw Sonic-----

Tutorial on deviantART

Good luck and have fun, I wish you all the best.Sonic Shorts Collab!

HERES HOW IT WORKS: My friend Karen and I will judge the talents up until the final 3 winners. When we get down to the
last 3 contestents, the youtube viewers (you guys) will leave a comment saying which contestent you liked the best.
Me and Karen will then count up the number of votes and that will be the winner. There will be many rounds depending on
how many people enter, and each video we post will be a round of MapleStory's got talent.
We will have 2 winners at the end: One official winner, and a runner up.

PRIZES: The 1st place winner will get to be in an made by me, and the second place winner will get to have a back
ground for their youtube profile also made by me.
There MIGHT be Nx cash, but no promises. There is probably only a 40% chance we will give out NX Cash, but only
300 Exp, 3 trophy(3rd Bronze, 2nd Silver and 1st Gold) and $10.00 to the 1st place winner. The runner-up gets none.

DEADLINE: The deadline will be a month from now, which is July 11th. We will not be accepting any more entries after
May 11th in 2012.

Good luck and have fun, I wish you all the best. Got Talent Introduction

The new kaiko MMD but Kaito FUCKING NAKED

2010-02-20 16:29:51 by camilanunez

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PMD editor Tutorial

2010-02-10 11:43:42 by camilanunez

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Before you start you need a few things to make it work.
First .NET Framework download it here: mework/aa731542.aspx

Then you need DirectX9 download it here: ails.aspx?familyid=3904b19a-02b9-447b-

Then you need Runtime Web Installer download it here: ails.aspx?FamilyID=2da43d38-db71-4c1b-

Ok for PMD Editor because VPVP Wiki got rid of the PMD Editor files I can no longer give you the link to the older PMD Editor so your going to HAVE TO download the newest verison I'm so sorry of this inconvenice!
Newest PMD Editor Link: