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Kaito - Butterfly (Digimon Theme)

2010-03-15 11:01:13 by camilanunez

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Reprinted from video Nikoniko (discovered?). Kansai dialect P (R %u2606 R %u2606 R)'s fourth work. 7

Once in a while and think about I sing properly, but I will sing a song I love, U p is already found a great trainer that is, instead, so not all the damn neta Shoboi What song videos here We %u558BRa Tokimashita lazy.
It is rather the main talking. I talk with Rin-chan. The Kansai dialect.
Hey, even squid browser. Brother, Taichi's coming right clothes and goggles just because %u4F3C%u5408Wanakatta %u2606.
My squirrel %u2192 mylist/4324704
Wow! Impressed you so much for using voice %u2192 sm2073459
Place in the ranking of 66 here! %u203B, my list, thank you Play %u2192 sm22 13997

and Digimon Poster: Digimon 1/ Movie and Digimon 2/Movie 2

Kaito - Butterfly (Digimon Theme)


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2010-03-22 18:56:17

It sounds like Okami
I remember Digimon fondly but the fourth set of kids really killed it for me but it will always be a part of my childhood. Anyway whats the next animation you're making :D