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2010-02-21 15:49:51 by camilanunez

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Sonic Parody X Character New: Camila

Show Video: Camila briefs collar

My friend Karen and I will be hosting a contest called Maplestory's got talent. It will be much like the show America's
got talent, or Britan's got talent.

Sonic Shorts Volume 6 will be split into 2 smaller volumes to save on memory, instead of 20 shorts in one volume you will get 15 shorts in 2 volumes, that means more shorts for you all. I'm all done my shorts, just waiting for the other animators to finish their shorts. No release date for any of the movies.

In the meantime you can watch unused/unfinished shorts at the Sonic Paradoxwebsite under the "extra" section.

Requirements & Rules to join: 1. Submit a Flash of newgrounds doing something that your good at. This
can be Comedy. Heres an example of each of those talents. If your talent is Comedy, please write
what song you are Parody and who the Collar artist is. You may do ANYTHING to alter the sound of your voice or you
will be disquialified. You may have Adventure in the your talent.

-No sprites
-Shorts must be decent quality
-Decent quality audio(if you need voice actors please ask)
-No nudity
-Shorts can be up to a 1 minute long or as short as you want.
-These are joke shorts, not serious shorts
-Stay away from "Sonic runs and gets hit by something" jokes, we get too many of those.
-Size is 550 x 400
-Framerate is 30 FPS
-No unofficial characters
-Default color background-white
-ActionScript- 2.0
-Have fun!

When your done send your .fla to

be drawn by a program or be drawn by hand. 2. Everything must be related to Post it as a video response
under this video.

When your done send your .fla to

We will be using this forum to chat: Sonic Paradox

-----Here is how I draw Sonic-----

Tutorial on deviantART

Good luck and have fun, I wish you all the best.Sonic Shorts Collab!

HERES HOW IT WORKS: My friend Karen and I will judge the talents up until the final 3 winners. When we get down to the
last 3 contestents, the youtube viewers (you guys) will leave a comment saying which contestent you liked the best.
Me and Karen will then count up the number of votes and that will be the winner. There will be many rounds depending on
how many people enter, and each video we post will be a round of MapleStory's got talent.
We will have 2 winners at the end: One official winner, and a runner up.

PRIZES: The 1st place winner will get to be in an made by me, and the second place winner will get to have a back
ground for their youtube profile also made by me.
There MIGHT be Nx cash, but no promises. There is probably only a 40% chance we will give out NX Cash, but only
300 Exp, 3 trophy(3rd Bronze, 2nd Silver and 1st Gold) and $10.00 to the 1st place winner. The runner-up gets none.

DEADLINE: The deadline will be a month from now, which is July 11th. We will not be accepting any more entries after
May 11th in 2012.

Good luck and have fun, I wish you all the best. Got Talent Introduction


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